Muhammad Heft is a Community "Bridge Builder" born and raised in Canada.


Muhammad Heft is a Community "Bridge Builder" born and raised in Canada. Converted/Reverted to Islam July 12th 1998 and currently the President of P4E Support Group in Toronto, Canada. God Bless


Muhammad Heft was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was raised in Milton, Ontario. As most Canadians, he holds an avid interest in sports.He played for the Milton District Mustangs and OWNED/OPERATED an Mens Adult hockey league for 3 years. Previously a Christian Lutheran, he accepted Islam in 1998. After converting, he studied Islam with qualified scholars for over 7 years.

Community Involvement


Mr. Heft’s efforts towards de-radicalization in various communities is a resume that speaks volumes for his passion and dedication towards his mission.


2003: During “Shock and Awe” attacks in Iraq, Mr. Heft took part as a Human Shield.


2004: He started his Da’wah and community outreach work and has been involved every since. He also has spoken with the Muslim Student’s Associations of universities across Ontario on Islam and has been invited as a guest speaker in several inter-faith events from USA and Canada.


2005: He is the President of the P4E Support Group Inc. This is a non-profit organization that provides support to new Muslims and has been running since its existence. One of its main goals is to educate people on true Islam and challenge the negative propaganda spread by the media.


2006: CNN, BBC, CBC, ABC, CBS and many other major news networks around the globe have interviewed with Mr. Heft concerning de-radicalization and counter terrorism. It is in 2006 that he started running a de-radicalization program for converted Muslims, with the goal of ensuring that their conversion remains to the true Islam. He also informally started working as a counsellor for “youth at risk” and helped several youth with dysfunctional issues such as drug and mental health.


2008: He started the Stop Terrorism cause, which is a global and online cause with over 20,000 members thus far, and growing.


2009: Formally started working with “youth at risk” and designed a 3-step de-radicalization program for Muslim Canadians. Through this program he has helped many youth who have turned towards radicalization and brought them away from that destructive state.


2011: Mr. Heft consulted the University of Waterloo in their radicalization research as a subject matter expert with years of experience and effort in the cause.

Government Involvement


Because of Mr. Heft’s years of knowledge, experience and dedication to de-radicalization and counter terrorism, he has been a valuable and viable resource for several government agencies working towards this cause.


2007: Mr. Heft was made the Canadian representative for Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Est. Dubai U.A.E., and he holds this position even today.


2008: He started working as, and still is, a community outreach liaison for R.C.M.P.


2009: He coordinated for the U.S. Consulate in Canada concerning attendance for an outreach event, Muslim Day in Ontario Place. He was also requested formally by the R.C.M.P. to offer insight on their de-classified documents on Radicalization - A Guide for the Perplexed and their Words Make Worlds document. His efforts to further counter terrorism research includes working with think tanks like Demos and Washington Institute, on their paper called Terrorist Drop-Outs.


2010: "Toronto 18" Trial Judge Dawson approved and recommended Mr. Heft as the de-radicalization councilor for a convicted member of the group


2011: He consulted the Victoria Police State Counter Terrorism Unit in Australia and was instrumental in their de-radicalization, counter terrorism and disengagement efforts.



Muhammad Heft is recognized by various community and government organizations. His efforts in the Muslim community have been appreciated by major Islamic organizations both in Canada and globally. Organizations like Islamic Foundation of Toronto, Muslim World League, Muslim Association of Canada, ISNA, Canadian Council of Imams, Ministry of Presidential Affairs in U.A.E., Islamic Affairs in Dubai, Red Crescent Society U.A.E. and others have recognized Mr. Hefts work as a benefit to the global Muslim community.


Having spoken in a variety of universities and assisted many government organizations, he is considered a subject matter expert in the area of de-radicalization and counter terrorism.


Mr. Heft is recognized by the ministry of presidential affairs from the UAE federal government. He has worked closely with the ambassador of the UAE regarding his de-radicalization program and his bridge building programs between countries. He is also supported by former MPs of the federal government, Mr. Derek Lee and Mr. Dan McTeague.


The R.C.M.P. and other Canadian policing agencies acknowledge and recognize his work in de-radicalization and counter terrorism. This is also the case with many foreign governments and policing agencies with respect to his work and knowledge.


Mr. Heft’s focus right now is towards the development of CAN-Bridge, whose goal is to facilitate a more formal and successful relationship between Western governments and Muslim communities. Amongst many of its services, CAN-Bridge will help with outreach, develop de-radicalization programs, training, workshops and seminars for both Muslim communities and government agencies alike. It is, effectively, the next step building on his years of de-radicalization and counter terrorism efforts.

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